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Our Humble Beginnings

Since 2012, Dynamic Learning Centers have served the Mild Intellectual Disabled (MID) and Moderate Intellectual Disabled (MOID) community.
Founded by a group of passionate and dedicated parents and a special education teacher who recognized the unique needs, Dynamic Learning Centers was the only program of its kind serving the kids who are MID and MOID.
Starting with just a few students and a handful of dedicated staff members, the center grew through the tireless efforts of its founders and supporters, who advocated, and worked tirelessly to expand the center's reach and impact.

Despite the challenges and obstacles they faced, they remained committed to their mission of providing high-quality, individualized education and support to children with MID and MOID and creating a welcoming and inclusive community that celebrates and values every child. Today, the center continues to thrive virtually and in a brick-and-mortar format, serving a diverse and vibrant family population, and remains a beacon of hope and inspiration for families and caregivers of children with MID and MOID.

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