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Our Social Skills Program

Teaching social skills to children with Mild Intellectual Disabilities (MID) and Moderate Intellectual Disabilities (MOID) is essential for their overall personal and social development. Social skills are critical for building positive relationships, navigating social situations, and functioning effectively in everyday life. By teaching social skills to children with MID and MOID, we are helping them to develop the ability to communicate effectively, make and keep friends, and work cooperatively with others.

In addition to its practical applications, social skills training can also have a positive impact on mental health and well-being. Children with MID and MOID are at increased risk of experiencing social isolation, anxiety, and depression, and social skills training can help to mitigate these risks by building self-confidence, promoting positive self-esteem, and developing a sense of belonging and connectedness. By providing individualized instruction, role-playing activities, and practical exercises that simulate real-life social situations, we can help develop the social skills they need to succeed and thrive in their personal and social lives.

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